We have had an association with World Wide Plants for many years. They carried out the maintenance of all internal and external plantings in our old headquarters at 10 Trinity Square, in the city.

As a company, Willis has now moved to a new headquarters in the city. A new 28 floor glass tower, designed by Sir Norman Foster. We have two of the largest high level terraces, 16th and 23rd floors, in the city of London.

The original plants installed by the developer’s consultants proved to be unsuitable and did not survive the sometimes harsh conditions on the terraces. World Wide Plants have recommended and installed more suitable options that are proving to be far more attractive and sustainable.

We also use World Wide Plants to supply plants and displays for special occasions at different times of the year.

They are knowledgeable in their field, reliable and flexible in their work, which in my opinion is a very good combination.

Alistair G Mackay, Maintenance Operations Manager

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