Weed And Moss Control

We provide regular and one off weed and moss control, to keep any site weed free and safe from slippery moss. We cover all areas from roads and pathways, gravel beds, paved areas, roof tops in fact anywhere weeds or moss can establish. Where available we always use environmentally friendly substances and only use chemicals where completely necessary.


Weed Control

Weed killing and control is carried out by fully trained and certified members of staff utilising the latest in weed control chemicals and techniques. Large weeds are pulled by hand and machinery is used to clear smaller weeds. A weed killer will be laid down to kill any weed through to the roots to prevent re-growth, with regular application keeping grounds weed free.

The weed controls we use do not contaminate the soil or ground and are in fact contact systemic weed killers, this means the weed killer is taken in through the leaves of the weed on contact which then kills of the whole weed through to the root. This type of control kills off completely any weeds that are actively growing while leaving the treated areas safe.



Moss Control

Established moss can be scraped up and removed then an algae and moss killer laid down to kill off and prevent return, with regular application this process will keep any area moss and algae free and prevent any slippages. The algae and moss killers we use are organic and child and pet safe. 

An algae and moss killer is also the better option where the surface would be susceptible to possible damage from tools, such as a flat roof or natural stone paving.