Watering And Planting

We all know plants need water to survive and thrive, in fact all life on this planet relies on a drop of H2O and this is why getting the right amount of watering is essential.


Watering Gardens, Raised Beds and Containers

What does water actually do for a plants, well to get technical water is required by a plant to transport nutrients from the soil and through to the plant, water is also required to keep a plant standing, if not enough water is available in the plants cells than the plant will wilt and eventually grow unhealthy and then die.

Plants rely on a number of factors, such as, soil type, environment, sun, shade and so on, but by far water is the most important and the most essential. Generally speaking in this country our climate will provide enough rain to established shrubs planted in the ground but there are many situations where watering the plants is required and rainfall alone cannot be relied on. Rooftop gardens normally have a limited depth of soil and need watering, raised beds lose water away from roots and need watering, beds adjacent to buildings with overhangs that shelter the soil need watering, containers and planters can dry out very quickly and need watering.



As part of our gardening services we provide a full garden watering service. We monitor the weather closely and check conditions on site to know when to water, how often to water and how much watering of plants should be carried out. Obviously we do not water during the autumn and winter but come spring we start to keep a check on gardens where we are contracted to carry out watering and start to water as soon as the conditions dictate, even with our unreliable British summers we can still water an individual site two or even three times per week.

We us a range of equipment, mainly hosepipes and watering cans and occasionally use telescopic watering poles to reach higher up window boxes without the use of a ladder. If there is no water source on site or within reach of a hosepipe we then transport water in 25ltr containers, although by using this method it is hard to get a satisfactory amount of water into the soil.

If your gardens have an irrigation system installed we will adjust the automatic timing to suit the time of season and conditions to ensure the beds and containers are getting the right amount of moisture for healthy good looking plants.


Planting Services to Bare Garden Areas

Unfortunately not any plant  lasts forever and they do die off, this can be due to many factors and conditions but it will leave a bare space in a garden. During a grounds maintenance contract we will identify areas for new plants and put forward ideas and prices for planting, once approved we will go ahead and supply the quality plants and plant them with the necessary compost, feed and a generous water in to give the shrub the best start.

We will always consult with the clients for their requirements and input to ensure any area that is replanted will be completed to the customers satisfaction and will bring pleasure to any observer for years to come.

Seasonal Planting to Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes and Flower Beds

With WWP you can have regular seasonal planting that typically consists of bedding plants planted in the spring to bring colour through until early autumn and then changed in the autumn to bring foliage and colour that will last through until the end of winter. This type of planting can be in window boxes, hanging baskets or planted directly into the beds to enhance a shrub bed with extra blooms and flowers.

Plants we usually use are geranium, pansy, busy lizzy, bidens, petunia, lobelia and many more, also in hanging baskets or window boxes we add in ivy to trail down and small shrubs such as euonymus, cordyline, winter cherry to add height and structure, you can leave the colour theme and design up to us or let us know exactly how you want the planting scheme.

If you would like to get involved in some planting of your own then this planting hanging baskets guide from the RHS would be a good start and should give you enough information to get you underway.