Seasonal Services

As gardening is seasonal and different tasks are carried out at different times of the year we offer seasonal services


Leaf Clearance

During the autumn and winter months our biggest seasonal task is leaf clearance. If leaves are left on site they can cause problems, such as on lawns they can block sunlight, smothering the grass, trapping in moisture and can cause fungal problems resulting in patchy or dead areas of the lawn, and if leaves are left to build up on pathways and roadways they can become slippery and turn into potential hazards to pedestrians and vehicles.

Our approach is to regularly clear the leaves to prevent such build ups, obviously we cannot clear all the leaves in one go as they are constantly falling through this period, but by clearing often we can keep your site safe and looking good and have it completely leaf free by the end of January.

We collect leaves using a mixture of blowers, external vacuums, rakes, leaf grabbers and sheer hard work, once collected we remove the leaves from site and take them away to to composted, if you have a compost area we can also deposit them there to provide a rich leaf mulch for use on the gardens.

Leaves can cause major problems through the winter months but with regular leaf clearance we can keep your site leaf free using leaf collection equipment to keep the level of service up and the costs down.


Seasonal Planting

Re-planting containers, window boxes and baskets with new seasonal plants two or three times a year will keep a display looking fresh through any season, we can tailor a programme of planting to suit your needs even incorporating specific colour schemes to reflect your business or environment.

Seasonal planting is a great way to provide year round colour and interest even at times when most shrubs aren't flowering and perennials have gone to ground or waiting to bloom. 



We can keep your grit bins on site topped up and stocked with rock salt ready for those icy winter conditions. We can also spread the rock salt to pathways and roadways either as a preventative measure or as an emergency, ie, after snow fall.

Christmas Trees

From the start of December we supply and install Christmas trees from 1m to over 3m, These can be delivered to your door and if required installed into a stand and even decorated.