Lawn Maintenance

Grass areas and lawns are a major part of many grounds, estates and developments providing usable areas where residents or employees can relax and play. When maintained correctly these areas add to the look of any size space and brings natural vivid colour throughout the year, however there is more to creating and maintaining the perfect lawn than most people think.


Grass Cutting and Lawn Maintenance

We provide a full grass cutting and lawn maintenance service, from large quality lawns to small utility grass areas the level of care and maintenance can be tailor made to suit your needs and budget requirements, from standard grass cutting through to a full annual care program. We will visit your site on a regular basis at the required frequency throughout the year to ensure the grass is cut at the correct time and to the correct length for the overall health and look of your lawn areas. All cuttings are removed from lawns and taken away for recycling. Whether you require just grass cutting to utility lawns or desire a full maintenance lawn care program we will always discuss your requirements and create a maintenance package to suit your needs and budget.


Lawn Mowers and Grass Cutting Equipment

We use top of the range petrol driven equipment utilising professional quality lawn mowers, strimmers and a range of equipment operated by trained and experienced personnel to ensure grass is cut to a high standard while working efficiently to always keep our prices competitive. Lawn mowers will always be used for the quality of the cut and we use a variety of styles and sizes of lawn mower to suit all conditions and size of grass area, these range from large stand on zero turn mulching mowers to smaller 18 inch push along mowers that can be carried through buildings and up and down steps to reach the more inaccessible lawn areas such as on roof top gardens, all mowers we use have adjustable decks so we can vary the length of the cut depending on the time of year and weather.


There are always a variety of conditions to overcome and we own and use the right equipment, for example, on a site with very steep banked grass areas we will use a petrol hover mower to access safely where the usual mowers cannot reach or on areas that are left to grow wild we would cut occasionally using a push along mulching mower. The detail work around trees, fence posts, edges etc is carried out using petrol powered strimmers that produces very neat results. Other equipment used on lawns are leaf suckers and leaf blowers, scarifyers and various hand tools to provide a complete lawn cutting service.


Lawn Care and Grass Repairs

Grass areas will be enhanced by regular weeding and feeding with the application of suitable treatments at the correct time of the year, these treatments encourage strong healthy growth and lush green colour as well as keeping lawn weeds in control and even killing off moss, therefore allowing the grass to become dominant and thick. Repairs are carried out by the use of seeding or grafting in new turf to eliminate bare patches, any bare areas can be identified as a contract progresses and with lawn repairs carried out often will promote better looking lawns. An annual care program can be set up for feeding, aerating, scarifying and top dressing for a real quality lawn. For further information on lawns and the history of these cared for and loved garden features take a look at lawns on wikipedia.