Garden Services

Here at World Wide Plants we are proud to offer a complete range of garden services that can be made into a package tailored to suit the needs of any site and budget. With the use of trained and experienced staff utilising specialist equipment to get the job done to the required standard and at the right price. Please see below brief outlines of our major services, please follow them through for more in depth information.



Grounds Maintenance

First impressions count for everything in life and with our grounds maintenance service we know you will make the right impression with your visitors and residents. Our staff are fully trained and always have safety in mind wherever we are working to carry out all tasks required.
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Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance service is designed to keep your lawn areas trimmed and looking good all year round with regular grass cutting, repairs and treatments for continual improvement. From large lawns to small grass areas, the level of care will suit your needs and budget.

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Bed Maintenance

We offer a full bed maintenance service of trimming, hedgecutting, weeding, hoeing, administering feeds and insecticides, in fact everything required for good looking beds and healthy plants, improving the look of any development or estate with regular care and attention.

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Weed and Moss Control

Weeds are always a problem and very unsightly, whereas moss and algae not only look bad but are also potential slip hazards. With our weed and moss control service all weeds and moss are killed and cleared and with regular application will keep any area free of such unwanted problems

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Watering and Planting

Whether it is a new bed or an old scheme needs re-working we can design and plant to meet your criteria and with our watering and planting service we can keep your plants watered as required throughout the year bringing more healthy and lush looking garden areas

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Exterior Cleaning

It's not just about your garden areas, because with our exterior cleaning we also keep your pathways, roadways, parking areas, gravel beds clear of all litter and debris to ensure your whole site looks good throughout. Not just aesthetic but a health and safety requirement too.

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Seasonal Services

Depending on the time of year we offer seasonal services to suit, such as spring, summer and winter planting, gritting when icy, leaf clearance in autumn, supply and installation of Christmas trees in December, in fact everything you need for comprehensive year round grounds maintenance.

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