Below is a video of one of our pieces of equipment that has now become invaluable to our working days. This is a stand on zero turn mower that allows us to cut very large quantities of grass in one day. For the large width of the cutting deck this machine is very compact and the advantages are it can manoeuvre in small spaces and is easy to transport to and from any site in our vehicles.

The rear wheels are controlled independantly with forward and back stick controls, much like a tank, this allows the machine to turn on the spot and allows for smaller areas of grass to be cut or to easily negotiate obstacles like trees without missing the cutting of surrounding grass.
The standing position is more comfortable for prolonged use and also allows for better line of site and accurate mowing up to edges.
The cutting deck consists of two cutting blades positioned side by side that cuts and mulches the grass, this means the grass is cut up very fine and forced back into the lawn which in turn will then rot down and help to feed the grass.
The large pneumatic tyres spread the weight and help not to damage or mark the grass. The front wheels are of a coaster style and can turn 360 degrees to allow for the mower to turn on the spot, the front wheels can be adjusted to raise or lower the cutting deck.
All in all this is a very versatile piece of kit enabling us to cut grass more effeciently and therefore provide a more cost effective service.

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