Offers & Discounts

As a means to help our valued clients and to also encourage new customers to take advantage of the benefits of using World Wide Plants, we have decided to provide offers and discounts that can help with those budgets and lower on site costs. Over time we will be updating and adding new offers and discounts to provide you with further help and incentives.

Grounds Maintenance Offers

These are our current offers that you can take full advantage of right now. If you don't see exactly the offer that would suit then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

10% Discount on Garden Contracts

In return for allowing us to place small and tasteful plaques in prominent positions on site we would offer a permanent 10% discount on the gardening contract for that site for the entirety of the contract while the plaques are in place. Of course we would seek your approval first on the size, design and content of the plaques. As we view every site as a showcase for our company and garden services we would be proud to let others know that we are the garden contractor on that particular site, from our point of view this helps to promote our company and from your point of view this will lower your on site costs.

Let Us Know What You Need

We would love to hear from you so we can discuss your needs and requirements, for any size site and estate, for anywhere in London and the south east of England, please contact us so we can start showing what we can do for you.