Newly planted raised bed with olive treesThis is our latest project, to design and plant up the beds on a new development in Redmans Road, London.

The ground floor beds are situated in a courtyard with buildings on all sides, therefore the conditions are sheltered but with limited direct sunlight, so we have chosen the plants to suit. The ground floor beds have a selection of shrubs and grasses while the raised island bed is planted with three specimen olive trees and underplanted with with the same theme as the ground level beds. The residents will be encouraged to sit on the edge of this raised bed drawing people into the area and enjoying their surroundings.

Running the length of the ground floor Window Containerswindows we have installed bespoke galvanised containers planted with cherry laurel to provide a screen to the ground floor flats while still looking good from both inside and out. In time these will intertwine with each other and when kept trimmed to the required height and spread will provide a screen which will not only add to the appearance of the courtyard but will serve a practical purpose as well.

On the decked roof Redmans Road Roof Terraceterrace we have installed five 60cm galvanised cube containers planted each with one specimen photinia and finished off with a layer of forest bark. These photinias will be allowed to fill out, with any new growth starting red and then turning to green with time, which then can be kept clipped into a neat shape.

The containers are positioned in front of lights so as the night draws in the photinias will be lit up and make for pleasant warm summer evenings on the terrace.

The planting in both the courtyard and roof terrace will make the areas more inviting and encourage the residents to make use and enjoy their gardens which in turn will help to develop a sense of community within the development.


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