Designing and Planting a Newly Created Shrub Bed

We were given the task of designing and planting a newly created bed on the entrance to a residential site called Nethewode Court in Belvedere. The site is south west facing and catches the bulk of the afternoon sun. The brief from the residents was for interest throughout the year, with flowering shrubs andNewly created bed before planting planted to prevent foot traffic onto the bed. This was achieved with flowering shrubs like choysia, convolvulus, vibernum and hebe with flowering ground cover in pachysandra. Structure is provided with three phormiums and a hedge of sarcococa running around the perimeter which not only accentuates the interesting shape of the bed but will also stop foot traffic from wandering where it shouldn’t.

The  bed was planted in early summer 2010 The fully planted bedand is now establishing well with signs of strong growth. Come spring next year the plants should put on considerable growth and be ready for their first trim. As the hedge grows the plants will knit together and with trimming to keep at the required height should make a nice feature. The phormiums with fill out their own areas and the choysia running along the brickwork at the rear of the bed can be trimmed level to cover the brickwork and also counteract the slope of the bed. The convolvulus, pachysandra and cotoneaster will spread to cover more of the ground jelling the whole bed together.

Initially the bed will require just weeding and keeping neat and tidy, also we will water if the weather turns dry and hot. Once the plants establish a deeper root system, watering should be unnecessary except in extreme conditions. When the plants mature and put on enough growth they will then be regularly trimmed and cut to produce the required size and shape.

The residents of this development  were more than happy with the results so far, by bringing much interest, and when flowering much colour to their newly developed entrance.

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