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Grounds Maintenance Contract

We were very pleased to take over this grounds maintenance contract in November, not just because this is a nice site with lots of potential but also because the tenants show an active interest in the gardens and have a very hands on approach. The tenants have certain areas of beds that they plant and maintainTotteridge House circular garden throughout the year along with various planters and even some beds they have turned into small vegetable patches, with such and active interest we know with must deliver immediately to the required standards and as usual take much pride in doing so. We are very much looking forward to working with the tenants and on site management and to also listen to their ideas and aspirations for the gardens and will work with them to deliver the Totteridge House lawns and tennants flower bedsgardens they desire and show so much interest in.

Lawn Mowing, Weed Control and Garden Care

With the flower beds mostly handled by the tenants our responsibilities are grass cutting, hedge trimming, trimming and caring for shrubs, weed control and all the usual grounds maintenance requirementsFreshly cut grass at new contract from a site of this nature. These pictures are from our initial visit where we found the grass had been left a bit too long so we soon got this cut back to the correct height for the health and look of the lawns. Some shrubs required a trim up with the main area being the curved yew hedge part surrounding the circular garden, an interesting area is behind this yew hedge where the tenants have decided to leave theRose arbour, lawns and beds grass long to provide a natural area and to encourage wildlife, which in the middle of any city is a wonderful idea.

Growing Conditions

As with any new contract it does take some time to get used to the conditions and how the plants and grass react to their environment, for example, how quickly does the grass grow, what plants thrive or which plants struggle, every site behaves in a different way and on this site we are lucky to have the tenants give us the benefit of their knowledge and experience to get a head start, apparently I have already been told this site is always very windy and from this first visit cannot disagree, any weed control will have to wait for a much calmer day.

Onsite Management and Green Fingered Tenants

This estate has on site management which is a great point of contact to discuss which work will be carried out each visit, make long term plans and to generally keep them informed of what is going on, not to mention the facilities to make us a cup of tea. Even with offsite management we do like to keep clients informed through phone calls, e-mails, photos and site visits as often as we can. So although it is only the very start of this contract we are very much looking forward to working here and working with these green fingered tenants hopefully for many years to come.

A Note on Autumn Grass Cutting

Just a note regarding grass cutting and light trimming in November whereas usually we would not be carrying out these tasks so far into autumn, but with the weather being so mild and the forecast to carry on being so unseasonably warm for a while yet the growing season has been extended by a long way, meaning grass cutting and trimming is not just possible but it is definitely required to maintain the look of any site, this is why we always remain flexible in the tasks we carry out and when we carry them out to keep ahead of weather conditions and unusual seasonal conditions.


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