Latest Projects

30Jan 2013
Large Shrub Removal Header

These large shrubs, which are Cotoneaster, had become too big for the area where situated. Residents were not happy at their view being partially blocked plus the size of the shrub could allow a person to hide behind or be obscured so the decision was made to remove the shrub and roots

31Jan 2011

A weed and grass suppressing barrier was required to stop growth from under and behind newly installed railings, we came to a solution which met all parties requirements and installed the barrier ready for new grass to be laid in the coming spring

26Oct 2010

This is our latest project just completed, which was to design and plant up the beds on a new developement at Redmans Road, London, which involved planting beds in a courtyard garden, installing and planting bespoke containers to screen ground floor windows and installing and planting containers on the decked roof terrace.

21Oct 2010

Nethewode Court new bed planting was a project we planted in the early summer 2010 and is now just starting to establish and put on growth, making the plants in good condition ready for winter, by next spring the growth rate should be impressive and gell the bed together creating the desired look.