We have just completed this years winter planting as part of our seasonal planting services contracts.

This is just one of the seasonal services we offer our clients providing changes of seasonal plants at least twice a year to keep window boxes, containers and hanging baskets looking fresh and colourful throughout the year.

Winter Planting of Window Boxes on Rail

Generally we remove, where possible, the containers from site to remove the old plants, unwanted plants and old soil. The containers are then filled with fresh soil and compost suitable for the planting type, planted with new seasonal plants and taken back and put into position on site. Taking the containers away causes no mess on site and reduces any inconvenience to residents or staff. We also offer the option of carrying this service out on site by utilising our open backed vehicle on which we carry out the changeover of soil and plants and put the containers straight back into position on site.

Winter Planting Box and BaysThis winter we have used winter flowering pansies to bring bright colour throughout this sometimes dull season. Winter flowering pansies have the ability to flower in the cold depths of winter when other life is hibernating, they are extremely tolerant of the cold and wet, and withstand chill winds well. In previous winters we have used cyclamen that have not only survived but thrived, however the last two winters have been very harsh and with little shelter the cyclamen have not survived. We have also planted Senecio for its in tense silver foliage providing great backdrop for the bright pansies.

Winter Planting of Window Boxes

Also in the containers we plant early spring bulbs to bring a new layer of growth and colour as we come out of winter which is always a welcome sight and a teaser that spring is coming, this bridges the gap between winter and summer planting. We have left in the cordylines and euonymus that have thrived throughout the summer and will replace these when we plant for summer as these plants get too big for their containers.

Where possible we leave in the ivy as long as possible as it looks better once established and has thicker foliage, throughout the year we will trim the ivy to keep it in size and shape.

Seasonal plants are a great way to keep any planting looking fresh, colourful and varied throughout the year. Our planting always draws compliments and interest from residents, staff and passers by. This is just one of the services we offer under our comprehensive range of grounds maintenance services.

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