The early snow in December brought chaos right across the country bringing many areas to a standstill.

Even though our vehicles were very much snowed in we managed to dig them out (with the help of a large digger) and get them out on the roads to supply and spread rock salt to the required sites.

Most areas got a good depth of snowfall and even central London got a covering. We were able to lay down rock salt to roadways, pathways and entrances to residential estates allowing residents safe access and to commercial premises and estates to enable work and trade to carry on.

We spread the rock salt using push along spreaders and spread by hand to smaller areas to ensure all vital access ways are clear. Also where the snow is thick we use snow shovels to clear prior to laying down the rock salt.

A new product we tried out in the period as an alternative to the standard rock salt is environmentally friendly salt for clearing ice and snow, although more expensive this clears a greater area, is environmentally  friendly and is also not dirty like standard rock salt, which is ideal for entrance ways preventing a dirty sludge being walked in.

We have kept many grit bins on sites stocked up with rock salt ready for further snowfall and have our own stocks of rock salt in storage in readiness for further bad weather.

So much for December being a quiet month for gardeners, it looks like it is going to be a long winter.

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