Why Choose World Wide Plants

At World Wide Plants we pride ourselves on offering a cost effective quality service and good customer care, how we can achieve this and the reasons you should use us are as follows...

Working Experience

As a company we have over forty years of experience in all aspects of garden and grounds maintenance and over the years have used this experience to evolve working practices to bring you a service that utilises our resources efficiently to not only keep our prices competitive but to also have the confidence and know how to maintain any site to required standards.

Garden Knowledge

Over the years we have built up a vast working knowledge of plants, lawns and gardens and constantly pass on this knowledge through on site training to all members of staff. Our knowledge enables us to treat plants, lawns and gardens in the correct manner to keep them healthy and flourishing and can also recommend improvements to a site where necessary.

Committed Staff

All members of staff treat each and every site with care always with constant attention to health and safety, while always being mindful of residents or people who work within the area to cause the least disruption or inconvenience as possible while providing the service you require. We have built up a healthy culture of hard work, commitment and eagerness to help, this rubs off on all staff from management through to on site operatives, always striving to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Gardening Equipment

We have built up a comprehensive range of equipment to handle the smallest of sites up to large residential estates and business parks, from hand tools up to powerful stand on mowers we have the right tool for the right job. The right equipment not only gives better results but also allows us to carry out tasks more efficiently that in turn keeps labour costs down.


With a range of small, medium and large vans as well as open back trucks we have the vehicles to suit any type of work, size of site and access. Our range of vehicles enables us to be flexible in the types of work we carry out and allows us to carry all tools and equipment with us and also to remove all cuttings and debris from site.

Cost Effective Quality Service

Our experience, knowledge, staff, equipment and vehicles allows us to commit the correct combination of any of these to provide a cost effective quality service tailor made to suit your needs. With our comprehensive range of services we can and do fulfill the needs of any grounds and gardens while working with the client to keep costs always competitive.