Where We Operate

For over 40 years we have been providing our garden and grounds maintenance services to clients and developments throughout London and South East England. From grass cutting in Wimbledon to interior tropical plant displays in Bromley, from hedge cutting in Thurrock to roof top gardening in the city of London, from watering in Clapham to exterior site cleaning in Leyton, from weed control in Islington to shrub pruning in Streatham. In fact we provide our full range of services to sites and developments of a variety of sizes and requirements throughout London and the South East.

How Do We Do This

Over the years we have evolved and developed our working practices and set up our vehicles, equipment and staff to be able to effectively handle a variety of sites over this large area. Each vehicle carries all the necessary hand tools, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, strimmers, materials such as weed killer, in fact everything required for any gardening situation. Each vehicle also has the capacity to remove all cuttings and trimmings from the site each visit. Because of this set up each vehicle and team can handle from one very large site one day to a variety of smaller sites on another day and always scheduled and planned to incur the least amount of travelling between sites to maximise our time on site.

What This Means to You

This all means we are able to get to your site, development or estate with the correct and most effective tools and equipment with fully trained staff to carry out the garden and grounds maintenance you require. Also if you have more than one site we are able to service them all without you needing to find regional gardeners for each individual site. An added bonus is that if any of our teams find themselves with any spare time during the day we will always pop into another site to provide a little extra garden and grounds maintenance as goodwill to our clients and residents.