Quality Policy and Customer Care

Quality Policy

The policy of World Wide Plants is to deliver services of the highest quality, appropriate to meeting the growing needs and expectations of our customers.

In order to attain this World Wide Plants endeavour to ensure that all our employees are aware of the benefits of ‘working as one team’ with our customers, focusing on continuous improvement and the achievement of 100% quality of workmanship.

It is management’s commitment to develop, implement and improve the company’s quality system.  They have a responsibility to ensure that skilled, trained and competent personnel are available for all process and company procedures.

We shall ensure that regular review meetings are held and the results are communicated to the client.  The importance of meeting customers and complying with statutory and regulatory requirements shall also be communicated.

Customer Care

World Wide Plants consider it our responsibility to generate the highest levels of customer satisfaction achievable within our scope of service.

To demonstrate our commitment to customer care the company’s management and staff, where applicable, will undertake the following:

  • To adopt as high a profile as possible in order to allow our customers to identify us with the service we produce.
  • To personally address customer issues wherever practical.
  • To participate in customer satisfaction surveys if required.
  • To identify and incorporate into our working practices and initiatives or practical improvements that will raise customer satisfaction levels.
  • To accommodate customer feedback, when practical, in our working practices.
  • To assist in customer education and to engender accuracy and objectivity in customer expectations of the service.
  • To customise our work wear to be complimentary to our clients corporate image where required.