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World Wide Plants Grounds Maintenance

We are set up to provide our grounds maintenance services to any size and type of site ranging from a small communal courtyard to an expansive residential estate, a roof top garden to a large business park we have the people, tools, vehicles and know how to do the right job at the right price. We carry out all aspects of commercial grounds maintenance through contract work and one off works and we are always ready to consult and advise our clients on the best maintenance schedule for any site or estate. Please take a look at our current offers and discounts to see how we can help you.

Worldwide Plants Grass Cutting

A major part of our work on sites is grass cutting and lawn maintenance and we have the equipment to handle any type of grass areas, be it small utility lawns or large housing estates we have the equipment from small push along lawn mowers to stand on zero turn mulching mowers as well as strimmers to cut grass along perimeters and around objects and tools to define and create lawn edges. Through lawn care we can repair and patch areas of bare and worn grass as well as feed and treat where required. Grass cuts are carried out frequently to keep the grass blades to the correct length to promote health and growth while keeping the lawns looking neat and lush. Any grass cuttings removed are taken away for recycling.

Bed Maintenance

This includes shrub beds and flower beds or a mixture of both and we carry out all the necessary garden care to really bring the beds and plants up to a high standard and look, this includes clearing the bed of any debris, removing weeds, digging over and leveling the soil, applying a ground cover such as decorative bark, mulching, feeding, the list goes on, with some of the major garden maintenance jobs as follows:

Hedge Cutting

From huge perimeter hedges down to individual shrubs we trim and prune them all using petrol driven hedge cutters and hand tools we keep all your hedges and shrubs in the right size and shape for their surroundings and in good health. The bulk of hedge cutting is carried out twice per year with maintenance carried out throughout the growing season as required. All cuttings are cleared from around and under the hedge and removed from site to be recycled into usable compost.

Trimming and Pruning

Shrub beds and individual plants are regularly trimmed for size and shape to aesthetically fit their surroundings and hand pruned to remove dead or unhealthy growth to improve the health of the plants. Shrubs and flowers are dead headed when blooms die off and only fully trimmed once blooms have finished, we will always cut back and trim at the right time of season for the individual species of plant. Perennial plants are cut back when they go to ground ready for the next seasons growth.


We provide a regular watering service for sites with containers, window boxes, hanging baskets or raised beds, these types of area do not get enough natural water even during our British summers so will suffer unless watered, we always water as conditions dictate to ensure plants grow lush and healthy. If an automatic irrigation system is installed in the gardens then we will set up and adjust the timing to suit the time of year and conditions.


We can also supply and plant new plants where there are bare patches in a bed or where improvement is deemed necessary a whole area can be designed and planted. This includes the planting of shrubs that will mature and thrive for years to come or even seasonal plants that will bring plenty of colour for the growing season. With our gardening experience and knowledge we are happy to recommend planting schemes to suit any situation.

Weed Control

Due to weeds any parts of an estate can quickly become unsightly therefore we regularly lay down a weed control to keep all grounds clear of weeds, these being pathways, roadways, hard standings, perimeters and gravel beds. The weed controls we use are systemic which means the spray is taken in by the foliage of the weeds leaving the surrounding ground uncontaminated and safe, the weed then takes the active ingredient through the leaves and into their roots killing off the whole weed safely. Weeds in shrub beds and garden areas will be pulled out by hand or hoed out to prevent weed killer drifting onto any plants.

Moss Control

Areas of moss can become slippery and unsightly, for this we lay down an organic algae and moss killer that works actively over a period of time, with application once or twice a year will keep most areas moss free. Initially if the moss is very thick we will first scrape it up and clean through the area with hand tools and a mechanical broom before laying down the moss killer to kill off the area and prevent regrowth.

Leaf Clearance and External Cleaning

At WWP we also provide certain tasks relative to the time of season within our seasonal services with the main work during autumn months being leaf collection, removal and recycling. However there are many other tasks throughout the year that are time of the season specific, from planting bulbs and even installing Christmas trees. As part of a commercial maintenance contract there usually involves external cleaning and litter picking which is part of our complete package of services.

WWP Garden Services

Our full range of garden services using the latest equipment and fully trained staff enable us to bring you a comprehensive garden and grounds maintenance service to cover all aspects that your site or estate would need, Although we have outlined here the major works we provide we also carry out the smaller more detailed or labour intensive tasks to offer the complete commercial gardening service. For further reading on the services we offer please take a look at landscape maintenance on Wikipedia.

Customer Care

At World Wide Plants we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best service for the right price and ensuring everyone is satisfied with our work, we are always more than happy to liaise and work with clients and residents to maintain the gardens and the grounds where they either live or work. With the majority of our work carried out within communal areas there are always many people to please and I am glad to say we do achieve this. Please take a look at some of our testimonials from clients, some of whom we have worked with for many years and we are always looking to forge new long term working relationships.


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